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Results-Driven Freelance SEO Expertise.

Customized freelance SEO solutions that align with your business goals and resonate with your audience

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Results-Driven Freelance SEO Expertise.

From on-page optimization to backlink strategies, our freelance SEO services encompass every essential element.

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Freelance SEO Expert Kolkata

Let’s ask this – how about your brand message reaching around 5.3 billion instantly? Well, that’s the number of active internet users worldwide as of January 2024, and India is one of the highest 3 rankers. As the global population bridges the communication gap so efficiently, businesses tap into this incredible domain for maximising opportunities. If you want your brand message to be heard louder and faster, it’s time to get an SEO expert in Kolkata on board.

Today, life without internet is almost unthinkable. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is that process which drives more of quality traffic through organic search results. Here, quality traffic signifies web visitors who are genuinely interested in your services or products.

When a visitor types their requirements in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, a list of webpage URLs comes up. Statistics show that chances of the 1st link receiving clicks are 10 times more than the 10th spot in that same page. The race is to reach that 1st spot.

Being a freelance SEO expert Kolkata, I am proficient in optimising the online presence of brands. My 8 years of experience in digital marketing also includes SMM, SMO and SEM services. I am exceptionally skilled in designing result-oriented solutions to rank your business and garner the best ROI.

How can SEO boost your business?

Here’s one basic reason – Nowadays, people look for everything online before making a purchase decision. So, if your brand ranks higher in search engine, chances are you’ll win the lead. SEO is, therefore, an inevitable investment which brings higher returns.

Few other advantages of search engine optimisation for your business are below.

  1. It allows comprehensive analytics. We can track the results like rate of conversion, traffic, rankings, etc. and optimise our strategy accordingly.
  2. Ranking higher on the SERP signifies higher exposure to your target audience. This increases brand identity significantly. Moreover, targeted keywords allow customers to trust and associate with you, building strong brand awareness.
  3. SEO also makes your website more navigable, thus, enhancing site usability and customer experience.
  4. A freelance SEO expert Indiathrough SEO standing can eliminate the need for paid advertisements.

In the dramatically changing digital landscape, SEO continues to rule as a crucial marketing strategy. Optimising for the search engine means reaching out to where your customers are. With strategic brand positioning, it can result in more conversion rate. As a trusted SEO expert in Kolkata, be assured to enjoy customised services from me for your specific domain.

Approach the reliable freelance SEO expert in Kolkata

My career started with the mission to bring brands in front of their potential consumers. Having worked with 100 different websites, I have gained extensive industry knowledge to provide customer-centric SEO solutions. The strategies and approaches I take target for:

  • More lead generation
  • Increased sales and conversion rate
  • Enhanced brand visibility
  • Monthly SEO reports to track performance and progress

That’s not all! You can also receive constant support and assistance from this reliable SEO consultant Kolkata. Well, are you ready to dominate the search results? Sujan Kumar is here to help!